17hats + Greetabl Integration

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Getting Set Up






Getting Set Up

How do I get set up sending gifts through 17hats?

Setting up sending gifts through 17hats is simple:

  1. Set up an account with Greetabl here.
  2. Load your account with credit to use on your gifts at greetabl.com/17hats
  3. Set up your workflow in 17hats 


What is Greetabl?

Greetabl makes it easy to send unique, personalized gifts that your clients will always remember. The product is a photo-customized greeting card that you can personalize with your own photos and message. You choose a card design and a small gift (ie. chocolates) and the card folds up around it to become a gift box. It makes a huge impact and the entire thing is delivered for $15-30.


What does Greetabl look like?

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before! See an unboxing and some explanatory videos here: https://greetabl.com/showme


Where can I ship gifts?

Greetabl ships to the US and Canada. Unfortunately, Greetabl does not ship internationally and is only available for US and Canada based clients. If you are based elsewhere, sadly this feature will not be available for you. If you live in the US or Canada and have a client that lives internationally, your workflow will automatically skip non US and Canada addresses.


Do the gifts ship automatically or can I edit them before they go out?

That is entirely up to you! Using the 17hats hast Greetabl integration, your gifts will send to the addresses within your contact saved in 17hats.

If you’d like, you can set up a template that changes the name and address with each contact, while the rest of the gift (the pictures, the message, the design and the gift) all stay the same.

If you’d like to customize each individual gift to your contacts, set up your gifts to not send automatically. Set up your template in your workflow as normal, but before each gift goes out you will have a chance to customize the photos, message, gift and design. This is a perfect time to mention that inside joke, or use your custom photos of your project with this client.


Who should I be sending Greetabl to?

Greetabl is the ultimate surprise and delight gift. It’s best used for:

  • A booking gift
  • A thank you gift
  • A ‘getting excited to work together’ gift
  • A 1 year anniversary gift
  • A referral thank you gift
  • A just because gift


Can I select ‘custom color designs’ through 17hats?

Yes you can, but sadly you cannot customize your colors through 17hats. You will be able to send these designs as black and white.


Do my Insider / Insider Pro perks work on 17hats?

Yes it does! See the details for Insider and Insider Pro here.

If you are signed up for Insider, you will get:

  • Free First Class shipping on all of your orders
  • Access to Insider only designs
  • Next Day Turnaround (your order is printed, packed and handed off to USPS in 1 business day)
  • Priority Customer Support at Greetabl (hello@greetabl.com)

If you are an Insider Pro, you will get all of the above plus:

  • Your custom print will be available to use through 17hats
  • Your logo will appear on insert cards when you use your custom design.
  • You can generate invoices on Greetabl.com



How do I fill my account with credit?

Load your account with credit to use on your gifts at www.greetabl.com/17hats. You are able to fill your account in $100, $500 and $1,000 increments.


How do I use my credit in 17hats?

You will be able to see your credit balance in your 17hats account, as well as on your Greetabl.com account page under Credit. As you place orders through your 17hats workflows, the credit from each order will be deducted from your balance. 


Can I automatically refill my credits when they run low?

At this time, you will need to manually refill credit yourself at www.greetabl.com/17hats


Can I use promo codes on my 17hats Greetabl purchases?

At this time, you cannot use discount codes on your 17hats purchases. Occasionally, 17hats and Greetabl will offer a special deal or sale that you can use on your purchase of credits. Tune into webinars and keep up with emails to know the latest!



Due to the nature of the product, Greetabl does not offer refunds on purchases. The Greetabl policy instead is “Love It Or The Next One’s On Us” – which means we will reship your order or give you credit for another order if you were not totally satisfied!


Do my regular Greetabl credits work for 17hats orders?

Yes, you will be able to spend all of your credits at 17hats.

Orders purchased on Greetabl.com earn 10% back in credits on each purchase of non-digital products, excluding gift cards. If you earn credit this way, or are awarded it from the Greetabl Customer Happiness team, this credit will work within 17hats.

17hats credit will work towards your purchases at Greetabl.com if you choose to use them there as well.


Do I earn the 10% back credit on my orders placed through 17hats?

No, you do not.



How do I track my gifts?

When you ship your gifts through 17hats, you’ll get all the same tracking information as you would placing your order through Greetabl. That means you will receive the following emails:

  • Order Confirmation Email
  • Shipping Confirmation Email
  • En Route Email
  • Packaged Delivered Email

These emails will come from hello@greetabl.com.

You will also be able to see your order’s tracking in your 17hats account, as well as on the account page at Greetabl.com under Order History when you click into each individual order.


My gift never arrived

Oh no! The Greetabl team will make sure you are taken care of – if something went missing, we will happily reship the package one time at no cost to you. Reach out to Greetabl to get this process going at hello@greetabl.com.


I used the wrong address

Email Greetabl right away – the sooner the better! If we can catch your order before it ships out, we will update it without a problem. Otherwise, we will need to reship your gift for you. Email Greetabl at hello@greetabl.com.



What gifts are available on 17hats?

Right now, a limited gift selection is available on 17hats to ensure that your saved gifts can always refill easily.

Greetabl gifts are curated from some of the most amazing, US based vendors. Sometimes there are issues with production outside of our control which can result in a gift not being available. 

If a gift that you have set up in your workflow falls out of stock for a temporary period of time, you will receive a notification in your 17hats dashboard warning you that you will need to select an alternate gift for each order that includes the out of stock gift in a workflow during the period that that gift is stocked out.

If a gift that you have set up in your workflow becomes permanently discontinued, you will receive a notification in your dashboard asking you to update your template in your workflow for all future gifts.

The gifts that are currently available through 17hats include:

  1. Champagne Bubbles
  2. Mouth Party Caramels
  3. Coconut Milk Mango Candle
  4. Wood Photo Stand
  5. Soy Candle
  6. Cup of Sunshine Tea
  7. Fudge Brittle
  8. Big Day Minimergency Kit
  9. Lavender Sage Bath Bomb
  10. Hand Dipped Chocolate


What designs are available on 17hats?

You will find all of the design selection from Greetabl.com is available in the 17hats integration. Occasionally, designs are discontinued or only available seasonally.

If your design is only available seasonally (think: the Holidays) the expiration date will appear along with the design when you select it, so you will know in advance that this workflow will need updating in the future.

If a design in your workflow has been discontinued or is no longer available due to seasonality, a notification will appear in your dashboard asking you to update your workflow that uses this design.

Just like on Greetabl.com, Insiders and Insider Pros will get access to exclusive designs that are unavailable to everyone else. Learn more about signing up for Insider and Insider Pro here.



You can find the ingredients to all of our products here.

If you’re looking for something edible, you can also find options that are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free in these FAQ articles.


Can I use my custom print through 17hats?

Yes you can! As soon as it is available for you through your custom design concierge, it will be available on 17hats.

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