Gift Cards!

We heard you guys and we are SO excited to announce you can now include a gift card with a Greetabl gift!

All of our gift cards are available as Bonus Gifts. Once you select your main gift, scroll to the top and there will be a third box that says "You've got more room!" Click on the plus button in that box and it will show you our available Bonus Gifts and gift cards :)

To select a gift card, first select the amount you want to send, then click the ADD button over the Gift Card.

Please note - gift cards are not eligible for discounts or promotional offers.


A few important things to note...

  • Gift cards are not returnable nor refundable.
  • Gift cards cannot be replaced; if a gift is misaddressed, lost in transit, stolen, or missing, we can provide a direct link to gift card information and mail an identical gift card, but we cannot replace the gift card. You can also opt to purchase a brand new, replacement gift card for us to reship.
  • If your gift card is stolen, please contact the brand of the gift card; they may have a loss-prevention policy in place to further assist you.
  • Greetabl is not responsible for missing or stolen gift cards.
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