My message looks like it's cutoff!

Don't panic! Your message will not be cut off when it prints. Because we've added new fonts and more characters to the message portion, your message may look like it has to scroll! This is because we keep the font in the builder bigger so you can easily read/edit your message as you create it :)

We've set our super smart PDF generator up to recognize the character count and font selected in your order and it will auto-scale everything to fit perfectly! Once you place your order, you'll see a super awesome button that says "See Preview" - you'll also get this in your confirmation email. If you click that button, it will show you what the inside of your gift will look like when it prints! Pretty neat, huh?

If you see the preview of your Greetabl gift and don't love the way it looks or something seems off, shoot us an email to and we'll make sure you get taken care of!


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