Adjustments are very important to the overall success of an order and the notifications included. If the order has a "balance due" in Spree then the tracking information email will not be generated and the customer will not receive the information they need. This will cause them to reach out and take up more of our customer service time and have a poor experience.

Make sure to double check the "Payment State" after every adjustment.

When making an order adjustment be careful when typing in the description. All Adjustments should be clear and easy to understand from an accounting perspective. 

DUPLICATE ORDERS - refer to the Duplicate Orders article to figure out how to properly label the adjustment.


  1. Go to the promotions tab to determine the correct way to label the discount
    • Click "Promotions" and search the code the customer is trying to use
    • Copy the NAME of the promotion (Ex: Customer Acquisition - First Order Discount)
  2. Go to the order you need to apply the adjustment to and click on the adjustments tab
  3. Click "+ New Adjustment"
  4. Enter the amount. NOTE: it's SUPER important to put a - (negative sign) in front of the amount, otherwise it will add the dollar amount to the order rather than subtract.
    • To determine amount, figure out what coupon code was for. If it's a % off, take that percentage from the subtotal of the order (not the final total!)
  5. Enter the description. It should say "Promotion (COPIED NAME OF PROMOTION)"
    • Examples:
      • Promotion (Customer Acquisition - First Order Discount)
      • Promotion (Abandoned Cart - F0 - 15% off)
  6. Notify Customer Happiness Manager that a refund needs to be processed on customer's order.

FREEBIE SHIPPING UPGRADE - if we have an upset customer due to a misunderstanding on the lead time or a super time-sensitive order, etc. we will upgrade the shipping at no cost to them. It shows we like to go above and beyond and put our customers first. Use best judgement on these upgrades! The upgrade is -4 and the description is "Upgrade to Priority Shipping (Customer Happiness)"

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