Quality Assurance Throughout the Process

At Greetabl, we pride ourselves in knowing that each and every Greetabl gift that is shipped out has passed many Quality Assurance checks - from the moment you place your order until the moment it leaves our hands!

  1. We have a front-end team dedicated to ensuring that your order is received by our system exactly how you want it to be. This team's purpose is the check to make sure that all of the photos, messages, prints, and gifts that were selected make it to our processing team. If for some reason something is off, this team will contact you immediately to solve the problem, usually within hours of the order being submitted!
  2. When each Greetabl gets the okay to be passed off to the processing team, it is once again looked over to ensure that nothing was missed by the first check, as well as doing everything they can to catch as many orders as possible that were input with incomplete or unidentifiable addresses, according to the postal service's system! 
  3. Finally, each member of our packing team is trained to make sure that nothing appears funny with any of the orders. If everything seems perfect, this team will carefully pack up the Greetabl and ship it out for your recipient to fall in love with!

We're a totally human team meaning we aren't always perfect robots! Sometimes, mistakes or errors can slip through the cracks! If your Greetabl gift arrives and it's not as you hoped, or you have any questions or concerns - shoot us an email and we'll get you taken care of! We have a dedicated customer service team who LOVE to help!! Just email us at hello@greetabl.com and we will do everything in our power to help!!! :)

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