Are there any kosher gifts?

We only have two Kosher certified gift under the Kosher supervision of Kof-K, and those are the Champagne Bubbles and Mexican Chocolate Discs. While none of our other products are certified with a hechsher, many of our products are kosher style.

You can find more info about each of our edible products below:

Birthday Cake Caramels:

Box of Toffee:

Cabernet Lollipop:

Champagne Bears:

Champagne Bubbles:

Chocolate Animal Crackers:

Chocolate Marshmallows:

Crack in a Box:

Cup of Love Tea:

Cup of Sunshine Tea: 

Hand-Dipped Chocolate:

Heart-Shaped Tea Drop: 

Margarita Lollipop:

MAST Brothers Chocolate: 

Mexican Chocolate Discs:

Mouth Party Caramels:

Raspberry Marshmallows:

Rosé Roses:

Scotch Caramels:

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