Shipping to APO or FPO addresses

We can ship to APO and FPO addresses! Thank you and your family member for their service! Please note, shipping to overseas APO or FPO addresses can take as long as 2-3 weeks to arrive - it has to travel pretty far!

Filling out address information for an APO or FPO can be a little tricky! Here's how we recommend filling it out:

Name: Recipient's name and rank
Address Line 1: Unit and Box number
City: APO or FPO
State: AA (Armed Forces Americas) or AE (Armed Forces Europe) or AP (Armed Forces Pacific)
Zip Code: nothing special needed; just the zip code!

We also have a special promo code for our service members - shoot us an email for the code!

If you have any questions or want any clarification on how to ship to an APO or FPO address, shoot us an email! 


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