Image Quality/Cropping Photos - Square

Our photo panels are all squares, so any picture you upload will automatically crop into a square. If you are uploading any vertical or horizontal rectangular pictures, use your mouse to move them up/down or left/right to get the perfect positioning.

If you want to include your entire vertical or horizontal picture without cropping, we recommend using this app - - to add a white border to the edges of your photo – this will turn it into a square and allow the photo to fit perfectly! PRO TIP: Use their "Social Media" template - it automatically provides a square template :)

Our builder does not currently offer the ability to zoom in on an uploaded photo. If you want the image to be more zoomed in than the original, we suggest either taking a screenshot of the area you want included or using Canva (mentioned above) to crop the photo to right where you want it!

If you're downloading your images from a super fancy photo editor (like AI, InDesign, Photoshop, etc) please make sure to download it as a jpeg with RGB color spacing. If you download using CMYK color spacing, the photo will not generate correctly on our printer!

Technical tips:

  • JPEGs are the best file type to use
  • Photos are the best quality at 900 pixels x 900 pixels


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