When will my order ship?


  1. Print & Fulfillment - 2 business days
  2. Shipping - 2-7 days depending on shipping method

***On average it takes 5-7 days for a Greetabl to be delivered***



You see, each order is its own special process:

First, it's printed on these amazing (and really, really fancy) digital presses that are the absolute best machines in the industry. We insist that our illustrator's designs really pop, and we want your photos to be bright and crisp so we use the best digital printers and brightest Mohawk paper with an eggshell textured finish. Details are important to us. 

Then, each press sheet is taken over to be die cut. This is where the magic happens to go from a normal (albeit very large) piece of paper to the patented Greetabl design you purchased. We also add a couple of strips of resealable tape at this stage. 

Finally, each item is reviewed for quality before being folded up into your Greetabl gift box. We add the gift and pack it up for safe shipping before adding postage and getting it to the post office. 


Once your package is on its way, you’ll get one email with tracking info for each shipping destination. 


Let's be honest - life gets in the way! You may be thinking, oh yes - I have a month to remember Aunt Sal's birthday, then BAM! Aunt Sal's birthday is tomorrow and you totally forgot! We're here to make sure that never happens :)

We have this totally awesome, totally free feature called Reminders. You can submit any dates or occasions that you want to remember, and we'll send you a friendly reminder 10 days in advance. Plenty of time to send a gift (ahem, a Greetabl, hehe).

Check out this feature HERE! PS - fill out at least 5 reminders and get a super, extra special, top secret code to use on your next order ;)

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