How to place an order -- Full Process

We’ve worked hard to make placing an order as easy as possible. First, you'll pick your box design, then you'll pick the perfect gift (and add a bonus gift or gift card if it feels right)! Then you can personalize your message or choose from one of our pre-crafted messages using the Writer's Block feature. Add in any of your favorite photos (or choose from our photo library!), then viola! You're done!

1. Click on Create One

2. Choose your box design, gift, and bonus gift or gift card

3. Click the "NEXT" button and personalize your Greetabl gift

  • Write your message
  • Upload photos from your computer, Instagram, or pick from our photo library
  • PRO TIP - You can use our "Writer's Block" tab to use a pre written message! 

4. Click the "NEXT" button once you are finished with the message and photos to add your Greetabl gift to your cart! 

  • Make sure to proofread your message and make sure your photos uploaded as you wanted them to!
  • In your shopping cart, you'll add any applicable store credits or promo codes
  • PRO TIP - You can click the "Create Another" button once you're in your cart to make something new :) Every Greetabl gift in your order can ship to a different location!

5. Click the "CHECKOUT" button to input the addresses for each gift. 

  • Make sure your address is totally correct before submitting and be sure to avoid special characters like () or + or é or &
  • PRO TIP - All orders ship 1-2 business days after the order has been placed. The average order arrives 5-6 days from the moment you place the order

6. Click the "NEXT" button and input your payment method. 

7. Place your order and get excited to deliver some happiness :)


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