How to place an order -- Full Process

We’ve worked hard to make placing an order as easy as possible. Simply select a gift, select one of our specially designed boxes, personalize the details or choose from one of our pre-crafted messages, and you’re done.

To make things even easier, our limited-edition and holiday gifts are pre-paired with the box.  See...easy!


Desktop Version:

1. Click the "Create one" or "Get Started Button"


2. Choose your box design and gift (only one per box)


3. Click the "NEXT" button and begin building your card! 

  • Write your message.
  • Upload your photos from Instagram or your device!
  • PRO TIP - You can use our "Writer's Block" tab to use a pre written message! 


4. Click the "NEXT" button once your are finished with the message and photos to add your Greetabl to your bag! 

  • Check to make sure everything is as you wanted! 
  • Add the box to your bag
  • Enter promo codes on the "CART" page
  • PRO TIP - You can click the "BUILD ANOTHER" button to create another box to add to your cart! 


5. Click the "CHECKOUT" button to input the addresses for your box. 

  • Be sure to input your recipient's address correctly and (avoid using special characters like "&" or "-")
  • Select the correct shipping method (we recommend Priority Mail since its 2-3 days on avg.)
  • PRO TIP - When will my order ship? - We have a 2 business day lead time on all orders.


6. Click the "NEXT" button and input your payment method.

  • Credit card or PayPal?
  • PRO TIP - When will my order ship? - We have a 2 business day lead time on all orders.


7. Place your order and wait for the box to be delivered! 

  • It takes and average of 6 days for a Greetabl to be delivered.


Mobile Version:



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