How do I place an order?

We’ve worked hard to make placing an order as easy as possible. Simply select a gift, select one of our specially designed boxes, personalize the details or choose from one of our pre-crafted messages, and you’re done.

To make things even easier, our limited-edition and holiday gifts are pre-paired with the box.  See...easy!

1. Click the "Create one" or "Get Started Button"


2. Choose your box design and gift (only one per box)


3. Click the "NEXT" button and begin building your card! 

  • Write your message.
  • Upload your photos from Instagram or your device!
  • PRO TIP - You can use our "Writer's Block" tab to use a pre written message! 


4. Click the "NEXT" button once your are finished with the message and photos to add your Greetabl to your bag! 

  • Check to make sure everything is as you wanted! 
  • Add the box to your bag
  • Enter promo codes on the "CART" page
  • PRO TIP - You can click the "BUILD ANOTHER" button to create another box to add to your cart! 


5. Click the "CHECKOUT" button to input the addresses for your box. 

  • Be sure to input your recipient's address correctly and (avoid using special characters like "&" or "-")
  • Select the correct shipping method (we recommend Priority Mail since its 2-3 days on avg.)
  • PRO TIP - When will my order ship? - We have a 2 business day lead time on all orders.


6. Click the "NEXT" button and input your payment method.

  • Credit card or PayPal?
  • PRO TIP - When will my order ship? - We have a 2 business day lead time on all orders.


7. Place your order and wait for the box to be delivered! 

  • It takes and average of 6 days for a Greetabl to be delivered.


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