Vegan Gifts

Great question! Here is a list of all of our vegan gifts:

- Botanical Facial Steam
- Bourbon Cedar Candle*
- Bourbon Toothpicks
- Box of Cheer*
- Celebration Day Candle*
- Coffee Scrub
- Cup of Love
- Cup of Sunshine
- Desert Sage Candle
- Essential Oil Spritz
- Everything Spice Blend
- Green Tea Bath Bomb
- Heart Shaped Tea Drop
- Lavender Bath Bomb
- Lavender Soap
- Pairs with Pinot Bath Soak
- Pine Votive Candle
- Rose Face Mask
- Rugged Gentleman Spritz
- Sea Salt Hand Cream
- Sea Salt Scrub
- Soy Candle


*please reach out for further inquiry


 If you have any questions about a product in particular, please email!


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