Shipping to Canada

You can definitely ship your Greetabl to Canada and I'm sure you want some more information on how it works so here we go!

You may notice our shipping prices to Canada have recently increased. We really hate increasing our prices but the shipping costs have gone up since we first launched Canadian shipments! We appreciate your understanding with this change.

All of our shipping prices are in USD and shipping to Canada costs $13.95. We know that's a little pricey but there's a reason! All of our orders that ship to Canada have an international shipping fee along with the cost of going through customs (though the Greetabls don't have to have a passport 😉).

Fun fact: the cost of shipping a Greetabl to Canada goes down to $8.45 if you're a Greetabl Insider (#perks)

Another thing to note with shipping to Canada is that it's pretty far away from St. Louis, Missouri, which is where our Greetabls ship from. When you ship to Canada, it usually takes an average of 5-7 days from the ship date to arrive to your recipient. And please keep in mind that we have a 2 business day lead time on your orders, so the order will likely take 7-10 days from the moment you order to the delivery.

Should you have any additional questions about shipping to Canada, just shoot us an email to and we'll get you all squared away, eh?


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