Greetabl Insider and Insider Pro - The Benefits

We love spreading happiness and we know you do too! We want to help make spreading the love a little bit easier :)

We have two levels of our VIP program - Greetabl Insider is for the frequent gift giver and Insider Pro is for professionals looking to add an even more personal touch to their client relationships!

Benefits Insider - $39/year Insider Pro - $199/year
Free First Class Shipping x x
Discounted Canadian Shipping x x
Exclusive Gift + Print Shop x x
Priority Customer Support x x
Customize Design Color x x
One Day Turnaround x x
Saved Templates   x
Concierge Service   x
Create Your Own Print   x
Custom Insert Card   x
Address Book Import   x


Here is the most fun explanation of benefits you'll ever read:

Free First Class Shipping

Unlimited free standard shipping on unit purchased as a member of either Insider or Insider Pro. Seriously - unlimited. You can create 1,000 units and not pay shipping on a single one as a member. That saves you $8.00 per unit!

Discounted Canadian Shipping

That savings extends to our other shipping options! Canada shipping is $20.00, but for Insiders and Insider Pros it's $12. Save that $$ honey!

Exclusive Gift + Print Shop

That's right - you also get access to an exclusive shop - ONLY available for members of Insider or Insider Pro. You can see all of these items in the builder but if you want to see what is specifically available to Insiders only, sort the shops by Insider. This shop is going to continually update and expand.

Priority Customer Support

Have a question? Email us at and jump to the front of the line!

Customize Design Color

Okay, this is soooooo neat (we're super excited about it)! Any pattern that has a color palette in the corner means you can pick the color of the print. All of these prints start out as black and white. When you get to the personalize phase, you'll have the option to pick any color you want. You can search by color or hex code! You can even scroll through the color picker until you find the perfect shade. Here's a video showing how it works: All custom color prints are $11.

One Day Turnaround

We have a pretty quick turnaround time; 1-2 business days. But as an Insider/Insider Pro, your gift gets pushed to the front of the line and will be passed off to USPS the business day after you place your order. That means if you place the order on Monday, it'll ship on Tuesday! Remember, if you order on Friday your gift will ship on Monday! Please note, this is subject to change during peak ordering season.


Saved Templates (Insider Pro Only)

If you find yourself sending the same message (birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc) every time you order a Greetabl, let's save you some time! As a Pro, you can build your Greetabl once, then in the shopping cart, check the box that says "Save Template" and name the template something that makes sense to you. After that, you'll never have to create that gift from scratch again! To access the saved template, go to your account and click on Designs. You'll see all of your templates (you can even search if you have a bunch!) under My Templates. Click Add to Bag and the design will automatically populate into the builder. You'll pick the gift you want to send for the occasion, hit next, and make any edits to the message / photos you'd like. That's it!

Concierge Service (Insider Pro Only)

When you sign up for Insider Pro, you'll receive a super secrete concierge service email address. You'll work the Customer Happiness Manager, Paige (hi, that's me!) and Insider Pros will be the first people to receive assistance.

Create Your Own Print (Insider Pro Only)

You've been asking for it since the beginning of time and this feature is finally here! Every Insider Pro membership comes with one custom design. You'll receive instructions on how to get your design set up, then it will be added to your account for easy access. Your logo will also be included on the print (where the photos tear out so your recipient's can keep them and remember you forever!) This print will be totally unique to you and only available for you! This really adds a special touch to the client gifting process - you're going to TOTALLY stand out! Here's an example of a custom print: You can purchase additional custom prints for $99. All custom prints are priced at $10/unit.

Custom Insert Card (Insider Pro Only)

Along with your custom print, you'll get a custom insert card as well! The insert card goes on top of every Greetabl before it is placed in the shipping box, so it's the first thing your recipient will see. Please note, if you purchase a gift card with your custom print, the gift card will take place of the insert card. Your logo will still be included on your custom Greetabl print.

Address Book Import (Insider Pro Only)

As a Pro, you can use the import feature in the contacts screen to do a bulk upload of your contacts. For more information on how to import your contacts, check out this article. Time = saved ✔️


Okay... that was a TON of information. If you have any questions about anything, please reach out to us via email: and we'll be there to help!


Don't forget! Any user has access to these three awesome benefits :)

  • Reminders: One of our customers favorite features! Simply log into your account and click on Reminders. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a day you want to remember, click on "Add Reminder" and fill in the reminder! It'll ask for the person's name, the occasion, and the date. Once completed, we'll send you an email 10 days before the big day to remind you it's coming up (and give you plenty of time to order a Greetabl for the occasion 😉). For more information, check out:
  • Address Book: Once you're logged in, go to your account and click on "Contacts." Here, you can view all of the addresses you've used to send Greetabl. You can also add, remove, or update contact information!
  • Quick Create: Do you need to send the same Greetabl to a few different people? Instead of creating the same gift over and over, you can now duplicate the order in your shopping cart! Once you finish building your first gift, click the "Duplicate" button underneath the cart to make an identical copy. You can duplicate the gift as many times as you'd like! If you need to edit the message (say you want to customize the first name on each gift), click "Edit Message" and make any necessary updates. If you want to change the print, gift, photos, or font for each order, click "Edit Order" and you'll be taken back to the builder where you can select a new gift or print and proceed (just hit the orange next button if you don't want to change either of these). You'll then move into the Personalize phase where you can swap in photos or change the font. You can also change the message here :)




  • Insider and Insider Pro benefits apply to any self-service order of any amount. It does not apply to bulk orders handled by the Greetabl team. For any questions regarding bulk orders, please contact or visit this page.
  • We are unable to refund a Greetabl Insider membership once it has been purchased.
  • If you have any questions about canceling your membership, please email us!


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